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Nicky May
(Nicky can be contacted on: 01288 341662

'Bird on a Boulder'
Hand-built in stoneware

Bird on a boulder, by Nicky May

'Bird Singing'
Hand-built stoneware, frost resistant.

Bird Singin, by Nicky May

'Black and Shino Bird Bowl'
Hand-built glazed stoneware

Black and Shino bird bowl, by Nicky May
Hand-built in coloured stoneware
Height 28cm
Etruscan, by Nicky May
'Gossiping Pitchers'
Hand-built stoneware
Gossiping Pitchers, by Nicky May
'Hare over the Moon'
Hand-built stoneware
Hare over the Moon, by Nicky May
'Porcelain Jars'
Hand-built in porcelain, glazed. Height c. 15cm

Porcelain Jars, by Nicky May


'White Torso'
Hand-built Stoneware, frost-resistant

White Torso, by Nicky May